Chartered Structural and Civil Engineers

As part of giving something back to the local community we are proud to have  given free advice to  the London Borough of Waltham Forest Making Places competition winning design in collaboration with sculptor Owen Bullett and Smith Newton Architects.

"The creation of a free to use clearing in the middle of a wooded area. An 8m diameter beaten earth circle is surrounded by 6x6m tall carved wooden posts, each tapering away to the top. Above each post a metal wind chime is fixed. These reflect the light and make a gently audible sound as they shimmer in the breeze. This enchanted clearing is further enhanced by a variety of roughly hewn chainsawn wooden ‘boulders’. These sit around the edges of the earth circle, providing seating for passers-by and nursery playgroup attendees. There already exists a small partially cleared area, closer to the main woodchip path through the woods. The site  if increased in scale could benefit the broader community and provide a site for a wider variety of uses including open air concerts, dance, yoga, wildlife clubs, etc, with the aim was of making the  installation a local focus point within the park".

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